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I’ll make sure your newborn photo session is easy, comfortable, and safe. I’ll also work with you in mind, because I believe that your newborn photos should show the best of your newborn, your family, and the special bonds you share.

I’ve worked with newborns and babies for over 20 years—first as a sitter, then as a teacher, and then as a director of a South Florida preschool. I have the experience that’s necessary to keep your bundle of joy safe, through all the posing and positioning.
I’ll also make your session as relaxing as possible. Raising a brand new baby isn’t easy. You’ll have enough on your plate as it is. That’s why I’m willing to bring my entire newborn photography studio to you—blankets, baskets, lighting, and all—so you’ll never have to worry about timing your feedings or packing your car. Some parents even find it gives them some time to finally sit down, watch a movie, or even take a well-deserved nap—if only for a few hours.
I spent years honing my newborn photography and digital editing skills, learning everything it took to capture every important detail. I put everything I’ve learned into every memorable photo.

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