Mia at 9 Days

Sweet little Mia was such a doll-baby for her newborn session.

When Richard, Mia’s daddy, called me about a newborn shoot, Mia was already here! Typically, clients book me several weeks or months in advance so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to accommodate him. I hate turning anyone away but especially someone who was referred to me by a previous and very special client. So, we talked about dates and got a little creative and managed to make it work. And I’m so glad we did because Mia was a perfect little sweetheart for her newborn session and oh-so-cute!

I arrived at the Simon’s home in Plantation and was greeted by big sister, Ellie! She was just finishing her breakfast and couldn’t wait to give my assistant, Cynthia, and I the grand tour. She showed off her big girl room and then her baby sister’s beautiful nursery. Cynthia and I are always doing two things when we come to your house—looking at the baby’s room for color inspiration and looking for a good open space to set up our studio. After seeing the baby’s nursery, we knew we’d chosen the perfect color palette, and when we saw the nice open space between the living and dining room, we knew we’d set up our studio there. As we began to set up, Richard said, “Oh, how full circle to have her newborn session right here on this spot!” It seems Miss Mia was born at home—right there on the floor in the same space we chose for her session! There must be something special about that spot!

Can I just take a moment to talk about the strength of women who labor and birth their babies at home? I’ve photographed a home birth  before and man! To see what women are capable doing to bring a baby into this world—it’s just mind-blowing! I can’t even get a hang-nail without complaining to everyone who will listen and taking three Advil for the pain. 😉

Mia’s daddy really loved the baby in the bucket shots. Mia did too but mostly because she loved sleeping in my bucket. I always say, if I ever have children, I will not be wasting money on a crib. Just buckets! In every room of the house! Babies love them and they’re so much more portable.

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