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She’s almost there, everybody. In just over a week, Lauren Beekmann will finally be one year old. It feels like I was in that hospital room, welcoming her into the world only 11 months and 3 weeks ago. Time flies when you’re not the one who has to wake up at night to feed her.

Speaking of sleep, Momma Krista made sure Lolo had gotten a full two-hours before I got there. I barely had the lights up before she was ready to go, and it wasn’t long before the outfits were all picked out, the hair was tied back, and our little model was ready for her closeup.

It wasn’t just Lauren either. All three Beekmann kids were soon ready to jump in front of the camera. Lily put on a brand new dress just for the occasion. Little Bubba even wore a bowtie!

I don’t know what Dotti was doing.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she looks exactly like her sister did at that age, I’d swear that the stork left the wrong baby on the Beekmann porch. Seriously, while Logan is headbutting you and Lily is insisting you give her a piggyback ride, Lauren likes to sit back quietly, looking, staring, overseeing everything with those big, blue eyes. I swear on my curly, brown hair that Lauren Beekmann is grading us.

Jamie Lauren Meitchik: C-.

The wall might be fake (yay props!) but the love is real. They’re loud and rambunctious, but Lily and Logan can always be counted on to put their little sister first. When Lauren got a little cranky, Lily was the one who hugged her close and got her to smile for the camera. When she started to cry, Logan stepped up and found her sippy cup.

Those kids really stepped up their game for this baby photo shoot. They sat where they were told to sit and smiled when they were told to smile. No one pulled anyone’s hair or punched anyone in the neck.

Beekmann kids: A+.

A perfect little angel. You can practically see the halo.

Now let’s smash this cake.


  1. Sue Redfern January 10, 2016 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Cuteness overload!

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    Awwwwwww love love love! You are amazing!

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