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The Thing About Me

I know that every photo is a chance to remember the beautiful moments when our kids were still babies, fresh and new, when everyone we loved was still together, laughing and living and getting on each other’s nerves. They give us the chance to hold on to those precious days that pass too quickly.

That’s why I believe that your photo session should be designed with you in mind. Your maternity photos, baby photos, and family photos should be filled with the colors of your lives. They should capture the little things that make you individuals—giggles, smirks, hugs, crinkles. Your images should express the best of you.

It’s my job to help you remember the baby fluff on your newborn baby’s back, his perfectly round face, and that adorable belly button. What you’ll treasure is the memory of your daughter’s smile on your family’s special day.

So that’s it. Now you know what I have to offer.

Ask Me Anything
Jamie Meitchik
Jamie MeitchikProfessional Photographer
My engagement session was everything I hoped it would be & the images were even better than I imagined. Thank you for giving me priceless photos that I will cherish forever.
Jamie is the best! She has taken so many photos of my family and I will always cherish them.
Amazingly talented! Jamie Lauren’s work is absolutely amazing! She is also extremely courteous and professional. She exceeded my expectations!
Love Jamie’s work! Her pictures are just beautiful!!! And she’s truly a baby whisperer too!

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